The Net Charter High School

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Our Mentors

Big thanks to all of our amazing mentors and mentor sites!

Johnetta Presley at New Orleans Public Defenders for mentoring Ariane

Octavia at Beautiful Beauties for mentoring Kiante

Patrick Cox at Hubba Hubba Tattoos for mentoring Dwayne

Llewelen Everage at Audobon Zoo for coordinating volunteer programs for our students

Allison, Adriana and Diane at Audobon Zoo for mentoring Tynika and Jules

Ronald Lewis at House of Dance and Feathers

Carlton Rahmani at WDSU TV 

Andrew West at Firstline IT Department

Dean Gancarz-Davies at Firstline Athletics Department for mentoring Desmond

Michael Shoemaker at Purple Monkey Screenprinting for mentoring Shawn and Ralph

Linda Silva at Tulane Hospital for mentoring Tori and Ronals

Oscar at Scoots for mentoring Jarol

Lisa Heiser at Chateau De Notre Dame for mentoring Kenisha and Tori

Denise at Edible Schoolyard for mentoring Jules

Donald Hookfin at McFaith Feed and Supply for mentoring Terrylyn

Will and Brian at Youth Rebuilding New Orleans for mentoring Dwayne, Paul and Kourtney

Andrea Bailey for professional clothing donations

Stephanie Choy for all of her unbelievable contributions

David Pulphus at Langston Hughes Academy for mentoring Brandi

Brandin Campbell for mentoring Ariane


And of course to all of our great visiting guests, volunteers and excursion sites!

Shannon Fazande for her guest lessons on HR and career 

Enel Washington from Healthy Start for her guest visit to discuss health care related careers

Kim Karals for help with small group instruction

Louisiana Outdoors Outreach Program

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity New Alpha Lambda Chapter
Steve Nicks for tutoring students in all subjects
Todd Voltz and Casey Groves for working with our film production class