The Net Charter High School

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Welcome to The NET!

Faculty Contact Information

NET Faculty Contact Information

Families and students are encouraged to reach out to NET faculty at any time. For general information, start with your advisor. 

School Leaders

Todd Reynolds, Principal

Neil Poynter, Principal         

Elizabeth Ostberg
Executive Director
(504) 228 4294


School Staff

Ashley Everett, Receptionist & Office Manager

Amber Zu-Bolton, Enrollment & Data Coordinator

Program Coordinators & Counselors

Trisha Botello, Mental Health Counselor
For social-emotional support & mental health counseling
(504) 252 6409

Christie Kieschnick, Next Steps Coordinator
For senior and alumni information

Kim Legaux, Counselor
For student & family support, referrals, and counseling

Adam McElwee, School Nurse

Chuck Medley, Dean of Students

Kelley Pursell, School Psychologist
For special education evaluations

Justin Ross-Hillard, Dean of Students

Tim Sattler, Internship Coordinator

Lee Thomson-Yood, Special Education Coordinator


Advisors & Teachers

Adam Bourne, Construction Teacher

Bianca Briggs, Advisor/Teacher
(504) 259 2637

Kara Dorsey, RtI Coordinator

Leanna First-Arai, Homebound & ELL Teacher
(504) 218-9236

Vee Francis, Math Teacher     

Joelle Gentner, Advisor/Teacher
(504) 259 2743

Temple Gowan, Advisor/Teacher
(504) 352-4381

Diriki Guillory, Personalized Learning Lab Teacher
(504) 239-3379

Chelsea Hylton, Yoga Teacher

Farhad Karim, History & Learning Lab Teacher

Bill Lambert, Advisor/Teacher      

Benjamin Landau-Beispiel, Advisor/Teacher
(504) 259 5302

Erin Lierl, ELL Teacher

Ernesto Noguera, Spanish Teacher

Allan Podell, Math Teacher

Nancy Striggs, Special Education & Support Teacher
(504) 376 7818

Jennie Wimbish, Science Teacher