The Net Charter High School

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Our Approach

The NET incorporates the following components from nationally successful models in its design:

  • Small school and small classes
    • Each NET is approximately 160 students
    • Class sizes average 5-15 students
  • Strong relationships with caring adults
    • Each NET staff member is carefully choosen based on their experience and dedication to the NET's students and mission
  • Restorative practices & a trauma-informed care community
    • NET school culture is based on restorative practices rather than a rewards & consequences model. 
  • Individual learning plans that address skill gaps
    • Every student at The NET has his or her own graduation plan which reflects their goals, strengths and growth areas.
  • High expectations for academic, behavior, and future success
    • At The NET we believe that even if you struggled in the past, you can be successful in school and beyond.
  • Authentically engaging, hands-on curricula
    • NET classrooms use a variety of traditional, computer-based, and project-based instructional models. 
  • Multiple layers of social-emotional, behavioral, and academic support
    • The NET's counselors, deans, and special education staff provide supports for all students.
  • Direct connection to students’ real-world futures